Yvonne Popovska

416 203 7600 x 223

Associate Yvonne Popovska specializes in taking innovative design concepts and transforming them into sophisticated buildings, advancing the technical design capabilities of the LGA team. Since joining the firm in 2007, her commitment to excellence in design has been demonstrated in a range of projects, from single-family homes to large-scale institutional buildings.

Working from schematic design stages through to construction, Yvonne constantly searches for opportunities to encourage human interaction and engagement in architecture. As a key member of LGA's research and development team, she is deeply immersed in the research of new materials and building technologies, using building information (BIM) modelling to address complex design challenges, project constraints and potentials for innovation.

Yvonne's broad perspective includes sensitivity for the historical, cultural and ecological relationships present in communities. She is interested in the ways in that people relate to each other and to their environments, specifically in the context of play and public space. Yvonne has taught design studio at the University of Waterloo, and she has been a guest critic and external thesis advisor for Master of Architecture thesis candidates at U of W and Ryerson University.