Our Focus

LGA specializes in architecture with purpose.

We design human-centric projects whose conditions or challenges can only be unlocked by the creativity of an architect. Regardless of the scale or typology, we seek opportunities to use architecture to improve social and environmental well-being.

Missing Middle / Gentle Density

We’ve built a reputation in Toronto for our innovative missing middle and gentle density, multi-family housing. For example, we built the City of Toronto’s first five-unit condominium on a single-family lot, and developed ReHousing.ca a project in collaboration with University of Toronto to help “citizen developers”  transform single-family residences into multiplexes

Adaptive Reuse & Transformative Renovations

There’s an added challenge and benefit to reimagining an existing building or site. The benefit is not only the embodied carbon, but also the embodied memories and impact that these buildings hold. Our significant portfolio of adaptive re-use projects showcases how we are contributing to a civic renaissance through one modest but architecturally significant building renewal at a time.

Sustainable Design

Our approach sustainability draws on both the immediate human experience and the big picture. We are addressing climate change by leaning towards sensible passive systems over active ones, and also measuring carbon, energy and material reduction. We are leading the way: Our portfolio includes Ontario’s first institutional CLT building and its first non-institutional Gold LEED building.

Envelope Renewal

Unless a building has serious structural issues, tearing it down rarely makes sense. It is environmentally and financially prohibitive, difficult, and time-consuming. Since buildings are generally designed for a 100-years of durability, retrofits, including envelope renewals, are the perfect way to not only ensure energy savings and user comfort, but to attract and retain its desired presence in the community or city.

Inclusive Design

We aspire to design places where everyone — regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, nationality, customs, or other factors — can live comfortably, without feeling any undue inconvenience. This is especially true of our civic projects such as libraries and schools. Inclusive design begins with meaningful conversations with users to understand their needs, and working together to discover what can even sometimes become surprising solutions.