Alexandra Park Townhouses

Alexandra Park, Toronto

Our affordable housing for Alexandra Park was designed with plenty of flexibility to help residents make each home their own, and with features that contribute to a greater sense of community togetherness and wellbeing.


LGA was hired by Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), to design 40 new affordable rental townhouses for the 18-acre revitalization of Alexandra Park, a neighbourhood that for many decades has been home to predominantly new Canadians.

Designed with the input of long-time Alexandra Park residents, the units feature front and rear porches for outdoor congregation, large kitchens with cooking fans for large families, and basements even though they are not typical in TCHC projects. When it looked as though the houses might become stucco as a cost-saving measure, Tridel brokered a deal with the masonry trade to realise full brick buildings by using one supplier for the entire development. Brick aligns the houses with Toronto’s traditional housing stock and ensures a robust and natural material with long-term ease of maintenance.

As it’s common for TCHC housing to be occupied by multi-generational families, each four-bedroom townhouse was designed with a big kitchen, two full-piece bathrooms, and a powder room. The open-concept ground floor means that residents can choose if they would prefer the living or the dining area to be at the front of the house. The basements offer an important flexible space for a home office or for kids, and the houses are raised off the ground to allow light into those spaces.

The overarching goal of the Alexandra Park revitalization was to correct the planning and architectural oversights of the 1960s while honoring the neighbourhood’s roots. The transformation is evident from the outset, with cleanly designed modern houses now arranged in orderly rows rather than a confusing maze. Brick remains the neighbourhood’s characteristic material, but we deliberately opted for grey over the previous brown hue, and we lightened the overall effect with expansive, recessed windows framed in vibrant white and cheerful yellow. The windows, along with shared front porches, help to foster ‘eyes on the street’ contributing to both improved safety, and a stronger sense of familiarity to preserve the community’s cherished spirit of togetherness.


2021 Urban Land Institute Global Award for Excellence
2021 Urban Land Institute Americas Award for Excellence


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