Design at Riverside Gallery

Cambridge, Ontario

Floating and movable parts maximize an art gallery’s versatility for various exhibition scenarios.


Within a ground floor wing of the Waterloo School of Architecture, this art gallery is divided into a print studio and an exhibition space.

The print studio opens to Melville Street, offering daylight to the artists and passersby glimpses of the artistic process.

In the gallery, “floating” side walls screen direct sunlight from the Melville Street windows, while allowing ambient sunlight to stream in from above and below. These walls are designed to hide air ducts and electrical wiring. The gap at the bottom makes it easier to repaint the walls and clean the floors, and it can also be used to hide a cable if needed.

Four additional movable walls on tracks can be rolled into various positions, and a reception pod on wheels can be situated anywhere in the gallery, plugging into the ceiling’s data and power grid.