Ridley College Iggulden Learning Commons

St. Catharines, Ontario

LGA Architectural Partners in collaboration with Centerbrook Architects and Planners

Ridley College, one of Canada’s oldest independent preparatory schools, required upgraded facilities to attract students and stay competitive. Renovations and additions to both the Iggulden Building and the Athletic Complex establishes a new complex of interactive spaces for the entire campus and underscore the College’s commitment to academic and physical well-being.

We began by conducting engagement exercises with student representatives, staff, teachers, administration, and facilities and maintenance staff to create a campus that would respond to their needs.

The project remains faithful to the original architecture while establishing a new library, a creative commons, and a music department as well as a gymnasium, squash courts, a spin room, a yoga studio, an erg room, a sports therapy clinic, and new locker rooms. A new landscaped quadrangle between the two buildings offers an alternate recreation space and a place to connect with nature. The design takes advantage of underutilized spaces, and weaves programs together to spark unexpected connections.

Our design transformed an aging infrastructure into a state of art complex that promotes academic and physical wellness to both staff and students.