WRH Sunnyside Supportive Housing

Kitchener, Ontario

This LEED Silver 30-apartment Supportive Housing project includes living units for 17 frail elderly and 13 residents with mental health issues as well as community rooms and a Wellness Centre. The design combines the needs of service providers and residents, including personal support, food services and community programs into a comfortable building aiming to optimize quality of life. The units are designed to be fully accessible, with an easy-to-use kitchen, sliding doors, roll-in shower and a roll-out balcony with cedar siding. The communal front sitting lounge at each level faces the action on the street and draws in natural light.

A large canopy connects the drop-off to the various new programs. The building seamlessly connects into the existing building circulation and services, with a one-storey “Link” that provides a new entrance for the Seniors Day Program and for the new Wellness Centre & Spa. The ground floor level is fully glazed to provide natural light and a view to the newly designed surrounding gardens.