Thorncliffe Community Centre, Childcare & Library

Toronto, Ontario

The renovation and expansion of the Thorncliffe Community Centre, Child Care and Library was generated by the rapid growth and changing needs of the surrounding neighbourhood. Working with three clients (Parks and Rec, Child Care and TPL), the local councillor, and the community advisory board, we added a new child care wing to replace the existing facility, expanded and renovated the library, and added a new gymnasium and fitness centre. These components are grouped around a central courtyard that provides natural daylight and clear sightlines. The layout rationalizes the disparate programs and allows each to have its own distinct floor area and identity. The child care centre contains one infant room, one toddler room, and two preschool rooms with dedicated play areas.

The design balanced considerations including sustainability, budget, and the preservation of parkland. A phased approach minimized the impact of construction on operations, enabling the existing child care centre to stay open throughout the entire renovation and expansion of the community centre.