Alex Tedesco

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Partner and certified building scientist Alex Tedesco has been with LGA since 2000 and leads the firm's building science research and development department. From conceptual design to final construction, Alex ensures that his client's needs and aspirations are translated into built form, and that every building detail that leaves the office is designed for optimal performance and durability.

Alex builds relationships with his clients and stakeholders through open communication, respect and honesty. Putting aside preconceived notions of how architecture should look or operate, he works through an iterative process that allows for discovery and learning at every step. His wealth of material and product knowledge, combined with his commitment to challenging the conventions of sustainable design, allows Alex to inspire and challenge his team to innovate.

Outside of the office, Alex runs a welding business that fabricates architectural elements. Each year, Alex travels to Italy to harvest and produce olive oil which he imports to Canada. This delicate process is achieved by harvesting olives by hand and processing them naturally to produce the purest form of olive oil.