Brock James (He, him, his)

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Partner Brock James believes in making architecture that connects people to the history, nature, and culture of their community. Over 25 years of practice, he has specialized in making child care centres, schools, universities and libraries that foster learning and are inspired by the realities of each place and its people. Brock listens and works openly with his clients and their communities to establish a shared vision for the future, and brings the skill, determination and optimism needed to realize that vision through design and construction.

As head of operations for the firm, Brock ensures that each new project builds on the knowledge of previous work, so that every LGA client benefits from the complete value of the firm's experience. Brock leads LGA Open, a weekly discussion of the firm's latest research and innovation, where he often shares expertise on the economic, cultural and environmental benefits of wood design.

Brock is a guest critic, lecturer and sits on the provincial steering committee for Wood Works Ontario. He recently led the team that authored the Child Care Design and Technical Guidelines for the City of Toronto - a resource guide for the construction and renovation of licensed child care centers.