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“We’ve retained, if not enhanced, the magic of this spectacular building. The teamwork was impressive in finding such practical solutions to complicated energy and environmental challenges, and the speed with which we were able to push the project into motion was remarkable.”

Geoff Cape CEO, Evergreen Brick Works

“LGA signed up for a challenging job with the redesign of the largest building on the Evergreen Brick Works site, spanning over 60,000 square feet. Working with an expedited completion schedule and working around contracted event executions, LGA were able to juggle several moving parts and ultimately contribute to the success of each. The team is knowledgeable and innovative, adapting to requested changes (often last minute) and providing designs and solutions to appease all stakeholders. Their attention to detail and professionalism throughout the entire process was constant and reassuring. You are in good hands.”

Shannon Kelly Director, Hospitality, Evergreen

“While not a function of design in the traditional sense, the project represents a remarkable initiative undertaken by a community association as a means to engage the public in the life of the street. The expedient and strategic installation of shipping containers into the sidewalk context goes beyond the realm of Pop-Up to become the catalyst for a series of remarkable and memorable urban experiences. A variety of uses, from restaurant to bicycle repair shop, transform a relatively banal community building frontage on a busy street corner into a thriving civic marketplace. The street theatre derived from this modest intervention was among the richest and certainly the most spontaneous of all the sites visited.”

Jury Comment 2013 Toronto Urban Design Awards, Winner: Market 707

“In each and every project they have brought a fresh approach and creativity to the challenges. They are excellent listeners and will spend the time it takes to understand the specific needs of our diverse constituency and work closely with our staff to understand the unique challenges that they face delivering the agency’s services. They provide innovative, beautiful and robust solutions and do so despite the modest budgets we present them with!”

Kenn Richard Executive Director, Native Child and Family Services Toronto

“It’s amazing the sense of pride that is being so boldly displayed, with its images and metaphors. I believe that the building will over time just get better in its role as an authentic Native experience in an otherwise non Native environment. This speaks of survival and this might be its greatest legacy.”

Kenn Richard Executive Director, Native Child and Family Services Toronto

“A brave urban insertion on a curving corner site, the Native Child and Family Life Centre achieves a dramatic reading that balances functional relationships and identity for a community facility, and boldly places native culture within the diversity of Toronto’s collective and multi-ethnic identity. The building pushes the sidewalk edge to achieve a green band for a children’s play area that runs the length of the residential edge of the building form and is visible from the sidewalk through the entrance to the Centre. The Centre plays on the traditional form of the longhouse with a completely contemporary reading, drawing light in with playful windows along the street edge. The core-ten steel exterior, wood siding and canopy, and the no-nonsense detailing creates a distinctive language for the Centre as a home for aboriginal culture.”

Jury Comment 2013 Toronto Urban Design Awards

“LGA’s Stackt is Our Public Space of the Year. Clever design and 120 empty shipping containers made an empty patch of land at Front and Bathurst one of our favourite spots in the city.”

Designlines January 2020 issue

“I am continually astounded at the resourcefulness and ingenuity demonstrated by LGA in integrating Indigenous concepts and values into the on-the-ground design of the Toronto Birth Centre. It is a testament to their ability to listen to clients and their commitments to including community input in the design of the space.”

Cheryllee Bourgeois RM, Midwife Co-Lead, Seventh Generation Midwives, Toronto Birth Centre

“We are really trying to focus on creating a positive, warm and welcoming environment for people who need our support. It has been incredibly exciting and rewarding to be in a building that embodies what we do and how we do it.”

Helen Fishburn Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association

“Our Bloor Street West location is truly an amazing space full of warmth and vitality. LGA transformed a derelict commercial property into an intimate and inviting facility to accommodate ten respite beds, a spacious kitchen and living room, play areas, a resource centre, and the Safehaven office and meeting rooms. The entire site is barrier-free yet the space is welcoming to our clients. It feels like home for all! It was a pleasure to work with LGA throughout the entire process. They have proven themselves to be experts in renovation projects by making the most out of every existing condition and turning constraints into opportunities and we have incorporated many of their design innovations into our other locations.”

Beverley Gordon Executive Director, The Safehaven Project For Community Living